What Type of Leather is the Best for Bags?

Buying leather is not an easy decision, and you need a lot of knowledge about the material to make the right choice. Leather is expensive, and some people save up to purchase real leather products, which makes the choice even harder because they cannot afford to make wrong choices. There are many online and physical stores that provide customers with leather products, but it is important to understand that all leather stores don’t deal with real leather.

You will often come across manufacturers who sell faux leather. It is helpful for people who cannot afford to purchase real leather products but want something that gives them the same feeling. However, some manufacturers sell fake leather products in the name of real leather, and new buyers often fall for their scams. Leather bag for men come in different qualities, and knowing about the type of leather that is best for bags will help you choose the right business leather bag.

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of leather used for bags so you can choose the best option for yourself.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather goes through a long process to take the shape of a bag. It requires tanning and other finishing practices that make manufacturing leather bags easier. Cowhide is thick and difficult to cut and shape, which makes the process a little tougher. Cowhide leather is durable and works perfectly for leather bags as people want to carry heavy stuff in their bags, and the cowhide is strong enough to hold the weight. If you care for cowhide leather, it can stay intact for decades, and you won’t have to spend any money on bags again. It is ideal for a men’s weekender bag.

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin is thin, durable, and water-resistant. It is lightweight leather which makes this an ideal choice for leather bags, accessories, and clothing. Many manufacturers use goatskin leather for bags as it is soft, thin, and adaptable. Turning goatskin leather into a bag is easier due to its strength and tolerance. Goatskin leather bag for men are in high demand among leather buyers.

Camel Leather

Not many leather buyers know, but camel leather is also a popular leather type for bags. It is unique and mainly used for bags only. Its properties are similar to buffalo leather, but its toughness depends on the life of the camel. Where it lives plays a vital role in determining the strength of camel leather. Leather bags made of camel leather are a long-term investment as they create strong but lightweight leather bags. They are durable and don’t crack easily.

Buffalo Hide

Buffalo hide contains an epidermal layer which makes it 3 times thicker than cowhide. It is not as soft compared to other leather types and is much more expensive. Buffalo leather is the strongest leather that is used to make bags, and it doesn’t go through the same tanning process as cowhide which makes it tougher. It is strong and sturdy, which also prevents it from being soft and flexible like other leather types.

Which is Best?

Looking at all types of leather used to manufacture bags, we can say that cowhide is the best leather for all types of bags. It is strong, flexible, soft, sturdy, and water-resistant and develops a patina over time. A bag made of cowhide leather is easy to carry as it is flexible. The condition of cowhide leather varies depending on the type of life the animal has lived. One of the best properties of leather is that each animal hide is unique. Every animal has different living experiences, even if they live in the same environment. You can easily see scratches and injury marks on the leather. 

There are different levels of quality in cowhide leather as well. Every cowhide leather is not sold at the same price. A business leather bag made from full-grain leather will be much more expensive than bonded leather. You need to ensure that you choose the right quality of your leather bag for men. Only then can you experience all the benefits of real cowhide leather.

The quality of every leather depends on the following four things.

The Hide

We have already discussed the different types of hides; you need to determine which type of leather you wish to buy and what product you are looking for. Ideally, cowhide is the ideal choice for leather bags.

The Grain

The quality of leather depends on the grain as well. Full-grain and top-grain leather are considered the two highest-quality types of leather. While full-grain leather is the best and strongest option, it can be a little too expensive. Top-grain leather is a more convenient choice for most leather buyers as it is top quality but also cost-effective.


Tanning is the process that gets animal hides ready to be made into leather goods. Every animal hide has a different tanning process, and it also determines the effect of the quality of leather.

The Lining

Leather products are lined from the inside to protect the material from any kind of stains. You can find lined and unlined leather products in the market. Leather bags with lining are considered good quality because they produce the material from the inside.


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to purchasing a leather product. You can invest in whichever leather you consider a good choice for your use. Every animal hide has different properties and is ideal for different products. If we talk about a mens weekender bag or any leather bag, cowhide is a clear choice. You can easily find manufacturers that deal with high-quality cowhide leather for bags online. Obi Pelle UK also has an amazing collection of leather bags for men. Their artisans are experienced and knowledgeable in their craft. You can also share your ideas to get your leather bags and accessories customised. They will ensure that you receive the best leather experience in the UK.

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