Think a Smokey Eye is not for you? Think Again

I feel affection for doing a Smokey eye – especially when it’s not just necessary black. Playing with different tones of brown is one of my much loved things to do for nearly all skin tones – from the mainly fair, to deep, dark complexions, and all shades in stuck between.

Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

To remake the above look I did on Annalisa, for yourself, you’ll need:

  1. Two brown shadows (I chose Transcend from Kjaer Weis as my bottom shade, and Wisdom, also from Kjaer Weis, as my deeper shade – and when layered, the two created the genuine part around the crease and lash lines)
  2. A black eyeliner pencil (I chose Hypnotist from W3LL People)
  3. A creamy brown shimmery eye crayon (I chose Age of Consent from Ilea Beauty)
  4. A creamy highlighter for the internal corners (I like Ilea Beauty ‘Cosmic Dancer‘)

Begin by outlining the shape you’ll desire with the lighter of your two brown shades. On all face shapes – no issue your eye shape – the most flattering on the whole shadow look is one that angles slightly upwards at the outer edging of the eye. This is why so numerous youtube video makeup tutorials show a short piece of tape being useful to the outer edge, so that no shadow (or liner) falls/is drawn under it. Shadow or liner that has a downward sloping outer edge tends to drag the face down.

Once you’ve pressed (observe I specify to PRESS your shadow into your skin. Do not clean or fan your color on. The right placement of the pigment is what sets apart a messy shadowed eye from a wonderfully done Smokey eye and for the final, you’ll need to be accurate about how much and where you put it!) Your light brown shadow into the estimated shape that is most flattering to your face (testing! You can always use cotton swabs to wipe away what doesn’t look fine), you can begin pressing your deeper brown shadow in a to one side V form, starting all along the outer corner of the eye, and along the crease (but your eye has a crease, of course). Take a good fluffy eye shadow brush and blend, blend, blend, so that the two turn out to be seamless, and the edges are soft into your naked skin.

Take your sharpened black liner and smoothly dot along the top lash line, smudging beside the way with a skinny smudge brush, or cotton swab.  Experimentation with your eye shape – does a bit of black liner grubby along the bottom lash line look good? Then do it!

Finish the look by adding up your highlights: Using the creamy, shimmery brown shadow crayon, drag it along the peak of the lash line, just at the back the lashes, staying close to the lash line. This will serve to highlight the part behind your lashes, drawing notice to them.

Take your creamy pale highlighter (prefer a deeper shade if your skin tone is darker than Annalisa), and apply it into the inner corner of your eyes for a slight added flare.

Curl and cover your lashes with a little swipes of black mascara… et voila! BEAUTY!

Jenny Warne

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