The Impact Of Resolution And Video Quality On Car Dashboard Camera Price

Car dash cameras have become vital to maintaining road safety and car security. The market has various brands and models, and each comes with specific features. Purchasing one can be daunting, especially if you are yet to decide what you want. But to make it easy, the resolution will help get one that provides excellent video footage. So, how does the resolution and video quality affect the price of the dashboard camera?

What can affect dash cam video footage?

When selecting a dash camera, a few factors play a huge role. Considering the resolution, viewing angles, visibility in harsh conditions, and low-light capabilities is crucial. All these things will be helpful and affect the car dashboard camera price. Remember, you never know what will transpire on the roads, and the camera might come in handy. Understanding that the video’s clarity can determine whether an insurance claim is successful is vital.

What are the different dashcam video resolutions? 

The market has several dashcam resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k. Sometimes you buy a product and are uncertain of the image resolution. You can look at the product description to see the specification of the actual image size. The higher the camera resolution, the more precise the picture. It works well in dim light, nighttime, or dusk. Here are the video resolutions and impact on the price of dashboard cameras.

  • HD or 720p

HD means high definition in dash cams or 720p. It’s crucial to note it’s different with FULL HD because people use the two as one thing.

  • Full HD or 1080p

Most dash cameras in the market are Full HD,1080p resolution and have a car CCTV camera. 1080p devices have been in the market for years, so it’s standard for many videos or display devices. 1080p has excellent picture quality but not like the 2k and 4k displays. However, drivers will buy this because the price is more affordable and the pictures are crisp than 720p.

  • 2k (QHD)

After the 1080p, the 2k video resolution is the next in line. The resolution is a capture-all as it displays 2000 horizontal pixels x 1080. The 2k dash camera is of high quality and clarity of videos and images compared to 1080p. It’s the best resolution if you are okay with the price and want a reliable camera to capture details such as plate numbers. If you get into an incident and you have to claim the insurance, 2k will be very helpful.

  • 4K (UHD) dash cams

They are 4k or UHD, or Ultra HD. The resolution of these dashcams is four times the 1080p resolution and also come with a car location tracker. It means you can zoom in on footage seamlessly to get a clear picture of what was captured. This is possible even at super-high zoom levels. It’s important to know that not all 4k car cams are made equal. Additionally, these car dashboard camera prices are high because you get clarity in even harsh conditions compared to other resolutions.

The camera model and resolutions affect the cost. The higher the resolution, the higher the prices. Additionally, the model and the brand will affect how much you buy the camera. With this information, it will be easy to decide what you want depending on the region.

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