Teeth Whitening to Get a Better Smile

Teeth whitening

Technology for tooth whitening Jasper AL is more rapid, secure, and efficient than in the past. In-store choices for whitening come in a huge variety. Find out more about the almost instant whitening procedures your dentist offers and the over-the-counter alternatives you can use whenever you want if you have a special occasion coming up.

Treatments for immediate teeth whitening with your dentist

The real thing in teeth whitening is professional therapy. Your dentist can recommend a teeth-specific whitening procedure, such as taking an impression of your teeth to create a personalised whitening tray or performing an in-office whitening procedure. Usually, an in-office whitening procedure necessitates multiple visits. Depending on how long your dentist believes is ideal, a visit can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Once your dentist has whitened your teeth, you may keep your smile bright by using an at-home, over-the-counter solution. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, professional teeth whitening procedures are frequently quicker and more efficient than over-the-counter options. The standard process of in-office treatments is as follows:

  • Your gums are covered in a gel by your dentist to shield them from the bleaching agent.
  • Your eight front teeth are then bleached using intense hydrogen peroxide.
  • Then, to maximize the whitening impact, the dentist puts a special light on your teeth.
  • Your teeth may look eight to ten shades whiter after an hour.

How Whitening Toothpaste Functions

Maintaining your usual oral care regimen while safely whiten your tooth whitening Jasper AL is possible with whitening toothpaste. Two percent hydrogen peroxide is used in the formulation of whitening toothpaste to brighten teeth. It normally takes four weeks of consistent use for certain over-the-counter toothpaste varieties to noticeably alter their tint. Like other forms of toothpaste, whitening toothpaste helps preserve in-office whitening procedures and also guard against cavities.

Other teeth whitening tips

When teeth are whitened, chemicals are used to dissolve the stains and pigments, making the teeth look lighter in colour. It can be carried out at home or in a dental office, but only with a doctor’s supervision. Additionally, bear in mind the following:

  • After whitening your teeth, you may experience temporary but common sensitivity. Anti-sensitivity agents can be applied to manage it with ease.
  • Due to the natural ageing process, the teeth continue to yellow and will need touch-ups to keep them white.
  • It is not advised to use coal or acid to whiten teeth because they can harm the tooth structure permanently.
  • Your current composite fillings or ceramic crowns will not get whiter as a result of the teeth-whitening operation.

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