Study in Romania Visa Requirements – Eligibility, Documents, and Fees

Requirements For Study in Romania GroupL education

Requirements For Study in Romania GroupL educationHolders of Indian passports willing to study in Romania can apply for a study in Romania from India visa. This blog has included the list of required visa documents which is more or less similar to study in Romania from Dubai visa requirements. Herein, you will find the requirements along with the eligibility criteria. Furthermore, the general guidelines must be followed while submitting the Romania visa documents. If further consultation is needed, one can easily connect with the Visa authorities or connect with GroupL Education. Our professional team members will try their best to help you through it all.

Study in Romania from India Visa

The below-mentioned list of the documents that are required for study in Romania from Dubai or India is more or less the same, but not entirely. So, go through the below-mentioned list for understanding the requirements.

1. Passport

The passport submitted as part of a study in Romania program must meet the parameters like,

  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months prior to the stay period.
  • It must be genuine and original.
  • It must have 2 blank pages (minimum) for the visa stamp.
  • It must by no means be torn, split, ripped, or damaged through any means.

Warning:- To cross international boundaries without a passport is considered a criminal offense.

In case the old passport is available, the same must also be provided if it meets up with the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Travelers with the old passport must submit them along with the latest one.
  • The passport must be original. It must be in good condition to access the needed information.

Note:- Without presenting the old passport, one cannot get a visa stamp. A professional visa consultation is highly recommended.

2. Photo

The photograph submitted as part of a study in Romania program must fulfill the below-mentioned specifications.

  • 80% of the face must be covered within the frame, and the picture must have been clicked with a white background.
  • Submission of two copies with the general photo guidelines is essential.
  • The picture must be of the proper size with the dimensions 35x45mm. The length must be 45mm, and the breadth must be 35mm.
  • The picture must be of a matte finish and must be a recent picture.
  • The expressions of the picture must be neutral. Smiling or frowning within the picture isn’t expected.
  • Glasses must not be worn in the picture.
  • The hair in the photograph must be tied back to offer a clear visualization of the face.
  • The earns must be clearly visible.
  • No headgear must be worn unless, otherwise, it is for religious reasons.
  • The picture must be recent. Old pictures are quite a reason for the authorities to reject the application.

3. Air ticket

Be it studying in Romania from Dubai or India, it is needed to submit the following,

  • The booked air ticket for the entire round trip.
  • The ticket must be confirmed as it shows the course of the travel and ensures to confirm of the return of the applicant to their native country.

4. Authority letter

  • The letter must be provided by the end of the applicant who won’t be able to remain present physically for the visa application process.
  • The letter must be addressed to the agency, and it must be obtained with a proper signature and stamp.

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5. Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance must be original. It must be obtained with a proper signature and stamp from the insurance company.
  • The insurance must be able to cover the period of stay during a continuing study in Romania.
  • It must get circulated from only authorized insurance companies.
  • As per the experts at GroupL Education, it will be great if insurance remains valid for 3-10 days ahead of the date of arrival back after the study in Romania from India program.
  • Insurance must be able to cover the entire trip that begins with one leaving India and returning back to India.
  • The applicant’s details in the insurance must be just as it have been mentioned in the passport.

Note:- Without travel insurance, one is not allowed to travel abroad.

6. Waiver Form

If it has been mentioned by the embassy that one has to make an application before a certain period, that is, before the travel date, and if the application has been submitted about it, one will not have any rights for claiming any compensation.

  • The waiver form must be filled in by the traveler if they aren’t able to make an application for the visa quite sooner. It must be filled in 2 weeks before the travel date.

7. University’s Invitation Letter

  • The letter must be original and have been obtained on letterhead that specifies the purpose of the traveler’s visit.

Know that even if you are traveling to study in Romania from Dubai or India or any place in the world, without having proper proof of the purpose for getting the visa, like the university’s invitation letter, the application for a visa wouldn’t be accepted.

Final Words

Understandably, it is not easy to take care of the entire process and the documentation requirements on your own. So, if you are in need and want our help, we at GroupL Education are here available for you and your requirements. All you need to do is specify your requirements, and we assure you we will try our best to do it all to make your experience hassle-free, not just before but also after you land in the international land.

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