Renault Kiger On-Road Price – Get More Than You Pay For!

When you are on a budget, buying a feature-rich car is out of the question! Atleast, this is what I thought before I got to know Renault Kiger’s on-road price.

It all started when my friend & neighbour Koushik approached me 6 months ago, saying that he was looking to upgrade from his old sedan. Since one of my cousins had recently bought a Renault Kiger and was gung-ho about the car, I casually suggested Koushik to check it out. I had forgotten about this incident after that but one Sunday morning Koushik was at my home with a pack of sweets in hand. I was clueless about the cause of celebration until he pointed to a brand new Renault Kiger standing outside instead his old sedan!

Renault Kiger A reward for our achievements

Renault Kiger A reward for our achievements

We hurriedly walked towards his new Kiger and I started checking the car from inside-out. Impressed with what I saw, I asked Koushik about Renault Kiger’s on-road price. When he told me the number, I was left stunned for a moment. While we did not discuss Renault it any further, that number somehow got etched in my mind.

While I had no plans to change my hatch, my wife suggested that there is no harm in taking a test drive and exploring new options.

Before booking a test drive, she suggested that I do some research as that would help me evaluate the car better. I searched for reviews and found that the ones on Drivespark, Carwale, Baiju Nair, CarDekho, and Autocar India to give me a detailed run down of the car. Even the reviews in dailies like The New Indian Express and The Hindu said a lot of good things about the car.

Impressed by what I had read, I booked a test drive online. I had even scrolled through the usual Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels and found that the feedback on Renault Kiger’s ownership experience was very upbeat.

When the test drive car came to my place, I finally realised what my cousin and Koushik were both impressed with. I felt that Renault Kiger’s on-road price combined with the amazing features and a smooth driving experience created a force so strong that no one could resist it!

Renault Kiger stood out in two areas for me. One, it had a 4-star safety rating on Global NCAP which meant that the car and the passengers inside were safe. And two, its on-road price, considering all the additional costs, was totalling up to Rs. 6.50 lakh* thus bringing the car within my easy grasp!

I was sold on it after the test drive and booked my own Renault Kiger. I even got some special offers over and above the attractive on-road price!

Today, after almost a month-long of enjoying my drives, I feel that Renault Kiger’s on-road price has offered me way more value than what I had paid for!

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