Reasons to Study in Romania From Dubai

Romania, as a country, has huge cultural diversity. It is one of the core regions and centers for research as well as conferences. So, to study in Romania from Dubai is the dream for many pupils who come from around the world.

Romania is well-known for the rich medieval history it carries and the equal opportunities it offers to all. Being one of the members of the EEA and the EU, the country is able to provide a great European experience to study in Romania from Dubai students. Apart from the same, the qualifications that have been attained from the EEA and the EU-accredited higher education institutions, they automatically get recognized in all of the Europe and beyond.

Reasons to Study in Romania From Dubai

Reasons to Study in Romania From Dubai

Reasons For Study in Romania From Dubai

Romania offers the state-of-the-art facilities and the advanced research opportunities along with the chance to walk in the footsteps of the world’s powerful minds. Furthermore, Romania boasts greater academic excellence apart from offering the amazing fusion of both modernity and tradition.

So, if you are looking forward to abroad graduate programs and wish to study in Romania from Dubai, consider the below-mentioned to be assured about your decision.

1. High-Quality Education

Romania has been known to boast the excellent education quality. Abroad graduate programs in Romania possess a worldwide reputation for being part of excellence within learning and education. Currently, most Romanian higher education institutions, they are partner with 1000s of recognized and the renowned universities that are present worldwide.

2. Varied Academic Programs

Within Romania, there are various private or the state universities offering a very wide range of the degree programs that are available in different languages like English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, and French. There are also some preparatory courses available for learning the Romanian language.

Romania, the country has signed the convention on the recognition of the qualifications that are related to the higher education within the European region (Lisbon 1997), and it ensures that quality education, transparency, and credit transfers are available with the abroad graduate programs.

3. Affordable Living and Education Cost

The cost to live in Romania and to study there is inexpensive or reasonable. The country, therefore, fits in the budget of all. So, if you wish to study in Romania from Dubai, go ahead and do not let go of your dreams to study abroad.

4. Varied Career Opportunities

If you are looking for abroad graduate programs for increasing the career opportunities, know that in Romania, the students get the practical training within their chosen field apart from the basic theoretical knowledge and this, in turn, increases the employment prospects at large.

5. Dynamic and Diverse Environment

Study in Romania from Dubai students, they are known to receive quite a unique environment that is multicultural. The students within Romania, they get to learn the new language, meet up with the new people and also build the social and professional networks apart from gaining the experience from the country’s culture and acquiring the international, intercultural skills, which remain of great value for the future.

6. Opportunity For Acquiring Permanent Residence Status and Citizenship in Romania

The international students, after they have got the admitted to the Romanian institutions, they get the permanent residence in Romania. After graduation, they do have the opportunity for continuing their life in Romania and to become the lawful citizen of Romania and a European citizen too.

7. Numerous Scholarships

For the students abroad graduate programs, there are numerous scholarships available in Romania. The scholarships get offered by the end of the government of Romania. Though this is one of the bilateral cooperation agreements, and it is also provided by the Romanian university.

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