OSRS 1-99 Fishing Guide (Fastest F2P/P2P Methods)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and today I’m bringing to you guys a full Level 1 – 99 Fishing Guide for both Free to Play players and Pay to Play players in Old School Runescape. Now, Fishing is a great money making method at high levels, especially with Dark Crabs and Sharks. The new Shift Drop update has made Fishing 1000 times more enjoyable in my opinion, since it is far more AFK and it requires way less clicking. Anyways, let’s get right into it.




Free to Play and Pay to Play Methods


Now, from levels 1 – 40, the Free to Play methods and the Pay to Play methods are the same. Level 1 – 20: Shrimp/Anchovy


So, at level 1 – 20, Shrimps or Anchovies are what I would recommend. You can fish these at Catherby, Draynor, or Lumbridge, and it won’t take you long at all to get from level 1 – 20. Pay to Play players can actually do the Sea Slug Quest, which is a prerequisite for Proselyte, which is a must for main accounts. That will get you from level 1 – 24 Fishing in about 20 minutes.


Level 20 – 40: Trout/Salmon


From levels 20 – 40, Trout or Salmon is what I would recommend for all Free to Play and Pay to Play players. You will be getting about 30 000 XP per hour doing this, and it requires a Fly Fishing Rod, and Feathers. You can fish these at Barbarian Village or Lumbridge if you are Free to Play, and Seers Village is where I would recommend fishing if you are Pay to Play. Now, Trout and Salmon are actually the fastest possible XP rate you can get in the Free to Play portion of the game. But, it is really, really bad money. So, if you want fast XP, you should be fishing Trout or Salmon all the way to level 99 if you are a Free to Play player. But, if you are a Pay to Play player, this is definitely not the fastest method.


Level 40+: Lobsters


At level 40, players can start fishing Lobsters in both Pay to play and Free to Play. They are found at Catherby if you are a member, or Karamja if you are a Free to Play player. At Port Sarim, there is a Deposit Box which Free to Play players should deposit their fish when they are fishing on Karamja. Note that it does give you a slower XP per hour rate – about 20 000 XP per hour at lower levels, and then moving up to 25 000 XP per hour at higher levels. With this method, you will be getting about 65 000 coins per hour, which is a pretty good money making method for Free to Play players.


Level 50+: Swordfish


But, that really is not a lot compared to Swordfish, which you unlock at level 50. It is the best money for Free to Play players in Fishing, and will get you up to and around 30 000 XP per hour at higher levels. It is recommended to drop the Tuna if you are in Free to Play, since banking takes so long, and you only really want to focus on the Swordfish as the main source of money. They are fished at the same spot on Karamja at Musa Point, and the Port Sarim Deposit Box is the best for Free to Play players. Pay to Play players can go fish these at Catherby and run simply to the bank for much faster XP and GP rates. Doing this, you will get around 70 000 – 100 000 coins per hour, and it is probably the best money making method for Free to Play players.


Pay to Play Methods


Level 48 – 99: Barbarian Fishing


Now, moving on to the Pay to Play portion of this guideLevel 48 unlocks Barbarian Fishing, and you require Otto’s Barbarian Training to be able to do this. With Barbarian Training, you need to get up to the part where he tells you to go into the Ancient Cavern, and then you will be able to fish the Barbarian Fishing method. Barbarian Fishing also needs level 15 Strength and Agility, and is the fastest Fishing XP in the game, giving you up to and over 50 000 XP per hour. But, 0 profit, as there is no banks nearby, and it is completely pointless to bank these fish, since you can’t really do anything with them. The Shift-click makes this method so much quicker than it used to be, and I highly recommend this for anyone that is only going for 99 Fishing, and not for profit.


Profitable Methods


Level 62 – 99: Monkfish


Now, moving onto the Profitable methods in the game, at level 62 Fishing, and the completion of the Swan’s Song Quest, you can start fishing Monkfish for about 40 000 XP per hour. Now, these are super AFK, so, it makes it a really, really good method if you are busy in real life doing homework, or other things like that. Getting from level 62 – 99 makes you 32 000 000, and will get you about 100 000 GP per hour. If you want to make even more money with this method, you can cook the Monkfish for an extra 80 000 coins per hour approximately.


The Fishing Guild (Level 70 Fishing)


Now, once you hit level 70, you unlock the Fishing Guild, which is where I recommend fishing if you are not doing Barbarian Fishing, since it is really, really close to a bank.


Level 76 – 99: Sharks


At level 76 – 99, you can fish Sharks for very, very slow XP an hour. But, you will make a ton of profit to level 99. You will get about 20 000 XP per hour, and will make 90 000 000 – 100 000 000 getting from level 76 to 99. The 100 000 000 profit is from when you cook the Sharks. But, you will be getting 90 000 000 profit if you sell them raw. I recommend alternating between Barbarian Fishing for some fast XP, and then going to Sharks when you want to make some GP.


Level 82+: Anglerfish


At level 82 Fishing, you unlock Anglerfish, which requires 100% Piscarillius Favour on the new Zeah part of the Runescape Map. Now, these are even better money than Sharks, and will get you about 200 000 GP per hour, but only 20 000 XP per hour, which is the same as Sharks. But, the 100% Piscarillius Favour is really, really tedious to get.


Level 85+: Dark Crabs


Now, at level 85 Fishing, you unlock probably the best GP, and a bit of better XP per hour in comparison to Sharks and Anglerfish, and that is Dark Crabs. These are located in the Wilderness. This is really risky, since it is usually a PK hot-spot. You would be making about 300 000 coins per hour, and about 30 000 – 40 000 XP per hour, which is insanely good considering the profits. Players can note their fish at the guy just outside of the Wilderness Resource Area. But, this greatly increases your risk, since if you get killed, you drop all of your noted fish instead of being able to take them to the bank. The closest bank is the Mage Bank, and that will only take you about a couple of minutes, and it is what I would recommend if you want to make profit. The Wilderness Elite Diaries gives you free entry to the Resource Dungeon, while the ones below that – like the Hard and Medium Diaries – just take a bit of money off the price to get into the Resource Dungeon. But, it is only about 900 coins, and one Dark Crab is around 1400. So, doing the math, it does not really matter how much you pay to get into there. You are going to be making a ton of money no matter what.



Anyways guys, I hope you enjoyed this full 1 – 99 Fishing Guide. If you did enjoy it, be sure to give it a thumbs up, and subscribe if you want to see more Old School content. If you have any suggestions, this article was actually a suggestion by one of my subscribers. Just leave it in the comments, and I will make that as soon as I possibly can. As always, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day!

Raymond M. Fernandez

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