Interview Questions to Prepare Before Accountant Jobs in Dubai Interview

Landing with an interview with the biggest firm or a company, it definitely is great news, but to set yourself apart from the other finance specialist, auditors, and accountants, while applying for the job is really important. Especially if you are making an application for jobs in Dubai for Freshers, you are not aware of the killer response that you can present during the interview, and this is why we have prepared this article to make you aware of how to proceed and give a hint of what answers you can present.

Interview Questions to Prepare Before Accountant Jobs in Dubai Interview

Interview Questions to Prepare Before Accountant Jobs in Dubai Interview

Interview questions for the job in Dubai for freshers

  1. Do you have any knowledge on accounting standards?

The question is simple, and the answer to It is also something we have learned from the early stage, but before you go ahead and answer the same, make sure you do it in two parts.

  • Remain aware of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Do not hesitate to share your knowledge about the same when asked.
  • Secondly, provide the knowledge depth in regards to how you can apply the same within your role and how you can continue to stay up to date with the developments on the changes coming up. This will definitely give you a heads-up for accountant jobs in UAE.
  1. Are you experienced in handling A, B, and C?

Even if you do not have much experience, do not automatically say no. Instead, try to tell the interviewer that you are enthused if you are presented with the opportunity to learn A, B, and C. Also, when you are asked about getting the interviewer to walk them through the resume, make sure to pick up some of the best accomplishments which can tie you up with the job description.

In case you are truly interested in getting accountant jobs in Dubai, the enthusiasm you have very definitely fills up the gaps of skills, and even if you do not hit the 10 out of 10 requirements for perquisites skills or the experience, try and highlight the elements from the background which the interviewer for accountant jobs in UAE will find hard to avoid.

  1. What will be your role in the process of month-end closure?

To be able to articulate the functionality, specifics, and responsibility that are related to the role you are going to play in the month-end closure, either at the recent firm you are associated with, or the previous most recent firm, is quite an important piece. This is why it is advisable to make sure that you bullet point such aspects within your resume, why you try to mention the highlights, and focus on the accomplishments. It will provide the interviewer were much more clarity and will become ease for you too.

  1. What Enterprise Resource Planning systems have been used by you before?

Most of the accountants, and in specific the ones with the experience of working with medium to the large organization, will have a complete answer to this, and that would specify how one is required to master Excel. However, the response provided for the interview question must include some of the ERP systems, including Hyperion, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

However, if you are applying for jobs in Dubai for Freshers, it is definitely and opportunity for you to discuss the scope of the finance certificate as well as the future training possibilities. So do not hesitate and be completely free while making the discussions.

  1. What methods have been used by you for the estimation of bad debt?

Not this question will definitely open up a conversation in regards to the ways that have been approached by you within the routine process with your previous employers. Herein, make sure that the answer you give completely reveals about the understanding level of yours in regards to the methods which are commonly used. This also gives you an opportunity for opening a dialogue in regards to how the company you are interviewing for handles the same.

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