Intel Evo: Where Innovation Meets Mobility for Great Experience

Intel Evo Platform is popular for delivering business-class performance, hardware-enhanced functionalities, and superior remote manageability. It is ideal for highly mobile business users looking for a premium, secure laptop.

Due to the capabilities of the intel evo platform, you get stylish, thin-and-light laptops with immersive displays, excellent responsiveness and so on. This enables you to perform a range of tasks smoothly with the help of Intel core processors. 

But how is intel core CPU helpful for laptops? 

Read on to know the answer:

Components of Intel Evo Platform:

Intel relies on a detailed set of hardware and software capabilities to achieve real-world performance. A standard laptop can’t earn the Evo badge unless it has critical features:

11th generation Intel Core mobile processors:

Intel unveiled its 11th generation Intel Evo processors that promise a high-performance level and link to the new CPU. The first Intel 11th Gen processors deliver turbo clock speeds up to the capacity of 4.80GHz.

This also provides Intel Thunderbolt capacity,  CPU-attached PCIe Gen4 interface, and more advanced features. 

What else do you get?

  • Up to 2.7x faster content creation.
  • More than 20% faster office productivity.
  • More than 2x faster gaming plus streaming.
  • Intel Iris Xe graphics:

Intel Iris graphics work with the company’s long-standing integrated graphics structure. These graphics cards are specially designed to deliver the long-standing performance of both discrete and dedicated.

This makes Iris Xe graphics an ideal choice for thin-and-light laptops. Typically, heavy graphics users like content creators and video editors used to avoid the industry’s portable laptops. But it is also difficult for manufacturers to fit all functionalities like top-flight processing and graphics, long-lasting batteries, heat sinks and cooling fans.

Thanks to Intel Iris graphics, that has changed the equation forever. What makes Intel Iris different from other technologies?

Comparatively, to previous Intel models, Iris graphics offer faster execution units(EUs). With the help of more execution units, you can easily play AAA games without experiencing any lag.


The dedicated Iris max chips work with the help of an integrated counterpart to split up shared graphics. More power is allotted to max chips to meet the high-level graphics demand.

Collaborate Intelligently:

The Intel Evo laptops have advanced functionalities to enhance online collaboration experiences and make video calls a breeze. This delivers fast charging capabilities . and up to 20% battery life. So, you can perform your work in short bursts without waiting too much. 


Plus, Intel evo laptops offer 20% faster speed than Non-Evo devices.

Smart Connection:

 Intel Evo notebooks  offer the latest WiFi 6E technology for low-latency, reliable communication. It ensures smooth video calls and meetings with fast connections.

Uninterrupted Video Calls:

Thanks to the 1080p FHD front-facing camera and video-enhancement software that helps optimize the image to help ensure you look your best.

Premium Performance:

Intel Evo-certified laptops have plenty of memory, with at least 8 GB of RAM. Thanks to at least 256 GB of SSD storage to store the essential files to access.

Faster Connections:

To get the Intel Evo laptop transfer data and provide fast internet. That’s why these laptops support both Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi6 technology.

This technology can smoothly transfer many files compared to the Thunderbolt 3 counterparts. WiFi 6 offers three times faster internet connections to work with a better wireless connection.

Intel Evo laptops have at least one high-speed Thunderbolt 4 connection and other USB type-C ports to enable effortless connection.

What else you get:

  • Advanced battery helps in quick charging.
  • High processing power lets you perform your tasks smoothly.
  • Enhanced audio and visual clarity specially on calls.
  • System wakes up technology from sleep in the margin of one second.
  • With the help of Wi-Fi LTE you get three times more internet connectivity.
  • Thanks to the 12th generation Intel core processor and hybrid architecture which make your device’s performance far better.
  • Due to Integrated Thunderbolt Technology you can experience the benefits of universal connectivity.

Bottom Line:

An Intel Evo platform offers a range of functionalities such as intelligent collaboration, flawless connection, uninterrupted video calls etc. With these functionalities, you can perform various activities such as gaming, video editing, graphic designing, live streaming, etc.

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