Highly demanded jobs for immigrants in Manitoba

The Canadian province of Manitoba has an assorted economy and flourishing job market. It offers a trove of opportunities to skilled overseas workers with skills and experience in an Occupation in demand in Manitoba. The aim is to enable them to participate in the economic growth of the province.

Skilled workers and business investors can make an informed choice by remaining updated with the latest in-demand occupations in Manitoba.

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

The province of Manitoba operates its immigration programs under MPNP. It has been developed for supporting the economic development of the province through the selection and nomination of skilled overseas workers and investors. Aspiring candidates are required to possess the ability to contribute significantly to the economy of Manitoba.

The 3 streams under MPNP are:

Stream Skilled Worker

The Skilled Worker category is for overseas workers having an offer of a job from an employer in Manitoba who can fulfill other eligibility requirements.

Stream Business Investor

This category is for people who are ready to make an investment in an existing or fresh business in the province.

Stream Overseas Education

Overseas students who have completed graduation from a post-secondary institution in Manitoba and have a job offer from an employer in the province can apply to this stream.

The Top in-Demand Jobs in Manitoba

Occupation NOC Code Category
Registered Nurse 31301 Health Care
Software Developer 21232 Skillful Worker
Accountant 11100 Skillful Worker
Mechanical Engineer 2132 Skillful Worker
Lawyer 4112 Skillful Worker
Associate – Retail Sales 64100 Skillful Service
Graphic Designer & Illustrator 5241 Worker
Truck Driver 73300 Trade
Cook 6322 Food
Medical Laboratory Technologist 3211 Health Care
Beverage & Food Server 6513 Food
Helper Construction Trades 7611 Trade
Managers – Agriculture 0821 Agriculture
Manager – Human Resource 0112 Skillful Worker
Interior Designer 5242 Skillful Worker

Province to witness a major surge in available job openings

The Manitoba Province is buoyant emerging from a strong year of growth in 2022. Employers are urgently seeking workers to fill available job openings and this offers opportunities to overseas workers. They can immigrate to Canada under various economic immigration streams.

The “Outlook Report Manitoba Labor Market: 2021 – 2025” projects a scarcity of 5,900 workers annually till 2025. It estimates that the economy will witness an overall 141,700 job vacancies from 2021 to 2025. Almost 57% of these openings will be for replacing retiree and deceased workers. The report projects roughly 28,000 overall job openings annually.

The economy of Manitoba will witness the addition of 112,100 fresh workers to the labor market during 2021 and 2025 or roughly 22,400 workers annually. Along with this, with the continual shortage of workers to fill job vacancies, it is highly likely that Manitoba will increase its focus on recruiting overseas workers to deal with the situation.

The province is anticipated to record an economic growth of 1.2% in 2023 and a further 1.4% in 2024 with the exceptional performance of the Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors.

Experts Confident about Manitoba’s economic growth

Economists at TD Economics Jenny Duan, Beata Caranci, Rishi Sondhi, and Derek Burleton have shared their projections for the economic outlook of the province. Accordingly, manufacturers are relishing an exceptional year with an increase of 20% plus in shipments in 2022.

In Manufacturing, exceptional performance has been recorded by Food Manufacturing buoyed by the production from the big-scale plant for pea-processing and the latest expansion in facility processing meat. Production at both facilities was upgraded to online in 2022. Chemicals’ shipment has also increased steeply backed by fertilizer products.

Statistics Canada reported 29, 715 job openings in Manitoba for September 2022. Further, full-time jobs increased by 11,100 in the year concluding in November 2022.

The rate of growth of the labor force in Manitoba is adequate to provide the required workers for job openings till 2026 as per the labor market outlook for the province. However, when specific sectors and occupations are considered, there are several industries and occupations that will confront gaps in the labor market in the upcoming 5 years according to the economic outlook.

Truck Drivers are the most sorely required workers in Manitoba with a likely rate of vacancy of 470% and 4,300 job openings by 2026.

According to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, enhancing the appeal of Manitoba to workers with managerial experience and entrepreneurs will be vital in managing this gap in the job market.

Jeff Wharton the Minister for Trade, Investment and Economic Development said that alluring skilled workers are a priority task for the Government especially over taxation and earnings. The Minister further added that many factors that are beneficial for workers who work and live in Manitoba are already exiting and require adequate highlighting with potential workers.

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