Best Items to Export from India: Opportunities and Challenges

Being the world’s fifth-largest economy, India is booming with export opportunities. The worldwide demand for high-quality and competitively priced export products from India is massive. With strong government backing and the holistic support of global eCommerce platforms like eBay, Indian sellers are cashing in on myriad export opportunities. From an overwhelming cross-border customer base and increased profitability to diversified revenue streams and enhanced brand recognition, the advantages of exporting are immense. However, this also warrants meticulous planning, adaptability, and acumen to overcome the various challenges and outperform competitors.

Top Export Products for Online Sellers from India

India’s conventional spectrum of export products is enormous. This includes everything from petroleum products and pharmaceuticals to gems/jewellery, textiles, automobiles, agricultural products, chemicals, engineering goods, leather products, and IT services. But when it comes to choosing the top export products for online sellers from India, one should closely study the global eCommerce landscape. Based on insights into the top-selling products on eBay and the success stories of online sellers from India, the bestselling Indian export products include:-

  1. Textiles and Apparel- Cotton, silk, and wool are the top 3 popular fabric exports from India. Men’s t-shirts and women’s dresses are bestsellers on eBay.
  2. Traditional Indian Jewellery– Both precious and semi-precious jewellery and gemstones are popular export products from India that fetch premium prices. Among the top-selling products on eBay in this category, fashion bracelets, fashion necklaces, pendants, and body piercing jewellery take the cake.
  3. Handicrafts, Artwork, and Home Décor Products– eBay has opened up exciting new global markets for Indian handicraft sellers. From sculptures and ceramics to intricate artwork and traditional furnishings, the overseas demand is phenomenal.
  4. Indian Herbal Products– The ‘Wellness and Personal Care’ eCommerce segment has been witnessing consistently high sales over the last decade. Herbal/organic skincare and haircare products from India constitute a specialized niche that greatly appeals to international buyers. 
  5. Indian Spices– Online sellers from India are reaping massive profits by exporting spices like turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander. 
  6. Indian Handloom Products– For eco-conscious buyers in overseas markets, handloom products from India are highly coveted. Whilst being immensely in vogue, these unique export products are popular for their low carbon impact.
  7. Organic Gourmet Products– Organically grown tea, coffee, pulses, and cold-pressed oils from India have a sizeable demand in several countries. As compared to domestic markets, the profitability of selling these products overseas is far higher.
  8. Automotive Parts– High-quality and cost-effective car and truck parts from India are featured in the top-selling products on eBay. India is one of the top manufacturing hubs of these products. Hence, the scope for exporting these is immense. 

Exploring the Export Opportunities and Challenges for Online Selling Businesses

Online selling platforms like eBay are providing SMEs and individual sellers with plentiful opportunities to connect with overseas buyers. The lucrative prospects include:-

  • Tapping into a much larger market beyond the limited domestic borders.
  • Mitigating the risk of depending on a single market to sell your products by diversifying the business revenue streams.
  • Getting much higher prices for the same products as compared to domestic markets.
  • A significant boost in brand credibility comes with international recognition.
  • Cross-border business interactions facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations and sharing of new ideas as well as the latest technology.
  • Exposes Indian sellers to the latest foreign market trends, thus fostering innovation.

Here are some of the key challenges and complexities that Indian export entrepreneurs need to navigate to be successful:-

  • High Competition
  • Regulatory and Legal Frameworks
  • Logistical Challenges
  • Localization Challenges
  • Handling Multi-Currency Payments

As a seller-friendly platform, eBay ensures that ample resources are provided to registered sellers to overcome these challenges.


Capitalizing on the massive global demand for Indian products can be highly profitable for Indian sellers. Whilst exploring the myriad opportunities, it is equally important to recognize and suitably address the challenges. Getting on board with a global eCommerce hub like eBay can equip you with all the necessary tools, support, and know-how to become a successful exporter.

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