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So, you’ve found a wonderful guy, and everything seems to be going smoothly.

But something feels incomplete, and it’s not progressing how you’d like, either in direction or pace.

He appears hesitant about taking things to a more severe level, and you’re unsure why.

It’s essential to consider his wants and where the relationship is headed.

If you’re confused by mixed messages and unsure if he genuinely likes you or wants a physical relationship. Here are some signs he wants you badly sexually to watch out for.

Only on his terms can you see each other

If you’re with a guy who only wants to have sex with you, you might notice that you only hang out when he wants to and in the way he wants.

He’s the one who decides when you meet and sets the rules.

It’s possible that he only contacts you after drinking and asking for a physical meeting or only wants to see you when he wants to have a private moment with you.

Only at night does he call.

You might realize that he usually contacts you only in the evenings. This is likely because he wants to meet up with you for casual intimacy and doesn’t have a genuine interest in having a committed relationship with you. This situation could occur when he has alcohol, feels lonely, or desires something different.

Never do you hang out during the day.

If he doesn’t want to meet you during the day, likely, he doesn’t want a serious relationship. He’s trying to avoid situations that might seem like a date or involve any commitment. He probably understands that you might think things are getting more severe if you do romantic activities together, so he’s keeping things casual by avoiding daytime activities that could be misunderstood.

Not one of his pals has ever met you.

Does it seem like he’s intentionally keeping you away from the other parts of his life? Maybe you haven’t met any of his friends, or he’s trying to keep you separate from his activities outside of your time together. On the flip side, he might avoid meeting your friends and doesn’t want to be too involved in your life apart from a physical relationship.

His praises are dependent on how you look.

It’s lovely to be with someone who makes you feel happy and confident, but you may have noticed that most of the nice things he says are about your appearance. This could mean he’s only interested in having a physical relationship with you and not in something more meaningful. It’s possible that he doesn’t appreciate your personality or see your worth beyond just being physically attractive.

Always becomes sexual

If every time you talk to him, he only talks about sexual or flirty things, it means he just wants to sleep with you. If a guy is interested in more than just that, he will try to get to know you better and find out what you’ve been doing. On the other hand, guys who are only interested in sex will try to steer the conversation in that direction as soon as possible.

You never hear back from him.

Do you often have to send multiple messages to get his attention? Maybe he ignores your texts and calls until he wants something from you, usually for sex. It can be unpleasant to realize that someone is using you, but it’s essential to find out early to make an intelligent choice.

You don’t go out on dates.

Do you spend most of your time at home? Maybe your regular date nights have turned into meeting each other late at night and getting intimate.

If staying home and spending time together works for both of you, that’s fine! But if you want the relationship to progress into something more serious, it’s not a good sign if he only seems interested in being physically intimate with you.

A guy who wants more than just sex will put in more effort. He’ll plan outings and make things happen to show interest in a deeper connection.

Once it’s finished, you experience loneliness.

When you’re together, things might feel perfect, but you could feel very alone once the physical closeness is gone.

He might be nice when you’re intimate, but he may become distant as soon as it’s finished.

This shows he’s only interested in sex and doesn’t want to pursue a more serious relationship.

There isn’t any foreplay, or it’s just him.

Let’s talk about sex. Does it seem like it’s only about him? If he’s primarily concerned with his own pleasure during sex, he may not be interested in a long-term relationship and may not care about you as much as you’d like. There may be no anticipation or excitement beforehand, and you feel used. If you think he’s in a hurry to have sex, he’s not making you feel comfortable and valued enough. Sex should be a mutual experience, where both partners share and enjoy it, rather than all about their desires every time.

He isn’t dedicated to you.

Do you ever think he might be dating other women? It could be because he acts suspicious with his phone when you’re together or avoids discussing being exclusive. These are signs that he’s not interested in a serious relationship with you and just wants to keep getting what he wants without committing to you.

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